Nobody (ertyuio0687) wrote in roseonline,

Umm...I have a few questions. Pictures and Questions in the Cut.

Image hosted by
I don't know if you can see, but almost all the enemies, or all of them, not sure which, attack twice at one time. which really sucks since hawkers so far ( or maybe it's just me) haven't been able to use skills properly.

Image hosted by
also dealing with the whole not being able to use skills, but is this supposed to stay at one number?

Image hosted by
And what the hell is that on his crotch??? one of the weirdest things i've seen.

Just wanted to know.
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Certain rackies hit you twice. Oh god do I know it. -_- That's all it was.
oh ok. Tho if I ever found out what that thing is, I know I would regret it.
Maybe they're just kinda... sharp in certain places. Bad camera angle.
If it helps any, skills and being restored today... hopefully >.>

The number you circled is your skill points, used up when you learn/level up a skill, goes up again when you level.
Yeah, that's what I thought. Tho I guess because of the glitch it never went down that I could remeber even when I did use a bit of it.