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regarding some people in ROSE...

Okay, this may sound like a bitchrant or whatsoever O_< I'm just seeking the opinions of iROSEON players, especially those of Muse classes, on how they'd deal with people that is. To make ROSE a better gaming environment for all :)

Muses, ever met those people who'd ks you nonstop? Like when you're level 33 or 34, busy fighting a Grunter/Smouly in Forest of Wisdom or maybe something simpler - Captain Moldie at the field map outside Junon (i forgot the name). Then this bunch of retards come up to you, KS you nonstop (by following you everywhere) taking away most of your exp you so preciously need to level up, keep going "HAEL PLZ BUFF PLZ" (either in public or whisper) when you're having no MP to even heal yourself and that they refuse to add you into party to give you your proper share of EXP or whatsoever. And when you simply ignore them they come with all the trash and vulgarities that no one wants to mention. I do think it's bad enough that we have to spend zuly on not only HP items but also MP items, but now this? O_o

Is it just me, or is ROSEON beginning to be filled with retards? Or maybe Channel3 isn't such a wonderful place after all O_< what do you'all think about it?
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