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regarding some people in ROSE...

Okay, this may sound like a bitchrant or whatsoever O_< I'm just seeking the opinions of iROSEON players, especially those of Muse classes, on how they'd deal with people that is. To make ROSE a better gaming environment for all :)

Muses, ever met those people who'd ks you nonstop? Like when you're level 33 or 34, busy fighting a Grunter/Smouly in Forest of Wisdom or maybe something simpler - Captain Moldie at the field map outside Junon (i forgot the name). Then this bunch of retards come up to you, KS you nonstop (by following you everywhere) taking away most of your exp you so preciously need to level up, keep going "HAEL PLZ BUFF PLZ" (either in public or whisper) when you're having no MP to even heal yourself and that they refuse to add you into party to give you your proper share of EXP or whatsoever. And when you simply ignore them they come with all the trash and vulgarities that no one wants to mention. I do think it's bad enough that we have to spend zuly on not only HP items but also MP items, but now this? O_o

Is it just me, or is ROSEON beginning to be filled with retards? Or maybe Channel3 isn't such a wonderful place after all O_< what do you'all think about it?
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The healer-type classes in just about every game has to deal with fucknuts. It just comes with the territory. I get people running around, stealing my kills, spamming me with party invites (I do NOT want to party with a jerk kthx), and begging for heals. Apparently the phrase "NO MP" translates to "follow me please!" in idiot speak. Pretty much what I do is tell the kser politely the first and second times. If he continues, I use the shout to say, "so and so is a KSer, do not help him." And that usually pisses the guy off enough to go away.
LOL party invites = the worst. especially if you're a muse, and your partied retards sit there, do nothing and LEECH. hate them :/ that's why I always party with people whom I'm very familiar with.

I'll try that next time. I'm not a healer-type muse though, I'm a battle-type, (becoming magician) which makes everything worse x_x.
Ugggh, I hate party invites. :P Once I went away from the keyboard for dinner. My character was sitting, and all could clearly tell she was a muse (the wand is a giveaway). I play a battle-type muse but I have a couple basic buff/healing spells. But anyways, my point is, some retard was like "HEAL ME PLZ" and started yelling when I wouldn't (because I was away from the computer), and then tried to make me join their party.
I returned from dinner with party invitations, all from the same person, practically FILLING MY SCREEN.

I really, really wish I could just attack him instead of the monster.
People ask ME to heal them when they can clearly see I carry a gun... I agree.
wtf O_O either they're blind or no one thought them how to recognise and use their common sense at a go. I get that sometimes on my dealer too.
I usually play channel 2 and I don't get much of that. Every once in a while people ask for buffs but I've not had anyone follow me around.
Maybe I should switch to channel 1 or 2... channel 3 is crowded with those people -_-;; leaves a bad impression. Asking for buffs is okay, but asking for buffs while being a total jerk to you is not ok x_x;
Yea channel 2 is usually pretty good. I've had a few idiots bother me. One asking me for zuly so I gave him 1 zuly. Then he started bitching me out. Then 5 minutes later he comes to me and asks for healing a buffs. I just dropped 1 zuly on the ground and told him to go buy some meat. I usualy Filter out public chat and just use whisper. Therefor I can see what I pick up and don't have to deal with all the spammers and whatnot.
aha.. I see. In channel 3 you can see the "give me money plssssss" almost everywhere and a huge lot at the two major towns... x_x
I play in channel 2. My gf and I usually party together, so it's all good for her. But when it comes to her partying, here it is in her words "no one really appreciates muses" ...or something to that extent.

Heh..this is why we party, and I let her take a majority of the drops.

So hey, if anyone needs a friendly party, just come to channel 2 and hit up Seiji.
Yeah, i usually party with a close friend who's a support muse, and from what I see when we train together is that either you're an auto-heal machine to them or you dont help them at all (that's what I do since I'm battle muse) and they go with the trash. O_
It's great to help each other. I help her finish union quests by assisting in killing things, and she heals me. So it all works out, and no one goes unappreciated. We really can't do much without each other in party. =)
the class people don't appreciate is battle muses. i played as one once, and everyone tried to party me and then constantly asked for heals...until they found out i attack only, then i got kicked. i hear this happens to other people too...

support muses don't have it easy either (also from experience, i'm one now). i agree with all of the above. other humans can get really idiotic and annoying. my system is: i ignore them. eventually they go away. sometimes they don't, and that's when i go into Sarcastic Bitch mode. works like a charm :D

come play with me! channel 2 ~ sezen
Yea ><;; I play on both channels now~ Aldephia ^^;

I hate it when that support muses who request for party, they go around acting like saints adding them to party then treating them like slaves after that ==;; kind of irritating...

Deleted comment

I've seen a lot of this on any of the channels. I just filter everything out except clan chatter because the AOL Speak gets really tiring after the first dozen or so messages.

What I, or my dealer specifically, sees the most of, Channel 2 or otherwise.. Is I'll plink a mob from 20M-23M away. ("Not in the face!") Gun damage effects, mob running towards me, all clear as day.. And then some newbie'll rush that monster and promptly start bludgeoning it to death, even as it reaches me and starts pounding away. Then they gripe because they can't pick up the drop, or try to pick it up several times anyways.

"Oops." happens when a bunch of ranged folks are around. But yeesh, seriously. Am I missing some unwritten rule that says "If it's not in melee, it's not kill-stealing"?

Course, my dealer's bound to fall prey to the "can u mak wings for me? plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplz for free plzplzplz" 'tards sooner or later too. Sucks I'm not a crafter. :)

(My own personal solution to this rant though: Plenty of fruit/potions, and an ungodly high dodge rate, heh.)