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Help please. T_T

Okay, this is driving me insane, so I figured I'd ask here. D:

I'm at the part of the Episode Quest where you steal the book from Bellia for Haren. And, for some reason, it just won't let me steal that damn book from him! How do I do it? A friend of mine suggested it was a bug, and I know people were saying that the Ressurection quest was bugged, but I don't know? It's driving me absolutely insane that I can't figure out how to get that stupid book. XD;; Could anyone help?

Oh, and if anyone's ever up for some partying, I'm a level 35 dual sword hawker named Aislin; I usually frequent Channel 2. ^_^ Or if you're recruiting for a clan... or even want to start a clan... lemme know. XD;;

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