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Introduction and Questions


I only started playing Rose Online a couple of weeks ago, when I heard someone talking about it and decided to look it up.

I had a level 22 Hawker, Andamo, but I deleted him because I don't think I allocated his points correctly. I created another "Andamo," but I haven't done anything with him yet (I just wanted to save the name.).

Right now, I'm at level 30 with my (Mage to be) Muse, Lycoris.

11 - Reasonable Compromise - Lisa in Junon Polis - Muse Level 30 or above
I just completed the quest Reasonable Compromise, where you convince Ikaness Shroon to move from the center of Anima Lake by convincing Junon Francis to build them another shrine to move to. Francis has offered me three choices, a rod, a wand, and a earring and necklace.
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Does anyone have the level requirements for the rod and the stats for the earring and necklace? I'm debating between the rod or earring and necklace.

Also, I don't know if it's true or not, but I've heard that they've fixed the Resurrection quest. I have the potion, but I heard that you have to fight a boss or something when you sprinkle the potion on the ground. Would I be able to beat it at level 30, or should I wait until I'm at a higher level? I don't want to try and fight it and die, because I don't know if I could fight it again later.


EDIT! Oh, and I've heard people, while they're arguing using [Shout] talk about beating the other up in PvP. How do you do PvP?
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Yes. Thank God, the Reserrection quest was fixed the other day. I did the Zombie boss today and was able to beat it, even as a weak Dealer. (: If you're in Junon by now, I'm sure it shouldn't be a problem. (:
Nice one, i'll go zap its ass with Lvl 10 Lightening..

See you there ;D

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fayechan and your comments are contradicting. XD Oh well, I'll level up a while longer, just to be safe.

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i don't know if you've decided on the quest reward yet, but here are my two cents as a cleric-in-training:

i like to go with the necklace/earring set. they both add to either int or mp (can't remember which), and i don't want to be bothered finding +int jewelry. as for the weapons...there are better out there, and it's usually easier to buy from a vendor or a friend.

if you need, i have some a staff or two on hand that you may prefer to use :D
I might have, if I could log on. lol All the channels have been exceeded for hours. I think they did away with channel three too!

You make a good point though, about finding +int jewelry, so I'll most likely go with them. Plus, my current weapon is either at or one level below my current level (and it was an "enhanced" weapon from a quest also), so I suppose I can survive without another one.

Thanks for your insight!
If I'm not wrong-

Mage's Rod - level38
Elven Wand - level39

Textual Earring/Necklace - INT +2 each.
Oh, and about the ress quest, dont worry so much about it. It's fairly easy, easier than what my expectations were for a Boss Monster ^^;