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IRose is gone, folks. ): There's your reset. But but but, ERose is still a go and IRose player will more than likely easily play.

Here's the article from RoseGuru just incase you're lazy or don't have an account.

We had the opportunity to put some questions to the GamesRouter staff, the European publishers for Rose Online regarding the upcoming European release. Here they are along with the answers.

RoseGuru.com: As a means of introduction could you tell us a little about GamesRouter?

GamesRouter: GamesRouter is an online gaming hub for access to GamesRouter promoted games and services.

RoseGuru.com: What is your current estimated schedule for beta testing start and P2P release?

GamesRouter: We expect to have a service up and running during August.

RoseGuru.com: What form will the beta take, e.g. will there be multiple stages including closed and open beta and what are their estimated timescales?

GamesRouter: Due to the extensive testing already conducted on the IRose servers, we need only test our servers for stability and compatibility with N-Protect. As a result we predict a short period of testing, predominantly to monitor server loads, before commencement of pay to play.

RoseGuru.com: Will beta be fully accessable to all or a selected group?

GamesRouter: Initially there will be limited access to the servers issued to players on a first come first served basis. Once the bulk of the server tests are complete the servers will be fully opened to all players for a few days before p2p commences.

RoseGuru.com: Will player accounts be wiped at any stage during beta or at the transfer from beta status to pay to play?

GamesRouter: Unless a major problem develops which requires us to do so, we will not be wiping player accounts.

RoseGuru.com: While I believe the answer will be no, quite a few Irose players have asked this question, so... Is there any possibility of account transfers from Irose to Erose?

GamesRouter: No, due to the terms of the Data Protection Act both here and in Korea, we cannot transfer player account information between companies in this way.

RoseGuru.com: What form of payment system will be used; e.g. monthly fee or 'Item Shop' as used by another version of Rose? How much would a monthly fee be? Will there be a free trial after P2P has started?

GamesRouter: We will be initially accepting the following forms of payment:
Credit Card
1 Month Subscription 7.99 (GBP)
3 Months Subscription 22.49 (GBP)
6 Months Subscription 41.99 (GBP)
12 Months Subscription 79.99 (GBP)

Splash Plastic
1 Month Subscription 8.5 (GBP)
3 Months Subscription 25 (GBP)
6 Months Subscription 48 (GBP)
12 Months Subscription 90 (GBP)

SurfPin phone top ups
10 Days Subscription 5 (GBP)

All fee’s shown are after costs of purchasing a box set or license for the game.

RoseGuru.com: Will the client be available as a free download?

GamesRouter: Yes, it will be available as a free download running along the same lines as Lineage 2, where you download the client and can use it for free for a short period before having to purchase a License Key to continue playing.

RoseGuru.com: Will it be download only or available in shops also?

GamesRouter: Both ideally, more info to follow.

RoseGuru.com: Will it be possible for Irose players to modify their Irose client rather than redownload a new one?

GamesRouter: We’re working on putting together a small patch or instructions to help IRose players convert their clients to ERose without the need for a fresh download

RoseGuru.com: What countries will be allowed to play ERose?

GamesRouter: Some Ip’s may be restricted. However as a rule of thumb, if there is not currently a server for your region, you can probably access ERose

RoseGuru.com: Will European players still be able to connect to IRose (international Rose) when ERose is launched?

GamesRouter: No, because the international servers will be shutdown shortly before the European servers are launched.

RoseGuru.com: Will there be any age limitations?

GamesRouter: We are still awaiting our approval regarding this, however it is likely to be around 11+

RoseGuru.com: Which of the 7 planets will be available?

GamesRouter: We should start with the first 3 planets.

RoseGuru.com: How often do you expect to be adding new content updates and is there any planned schedule for the release of new planets?

GamesRouter: This is still under discussion with Gravity.

RoseGuru.com: How will Erose's update schedule compare with other versions such as Korean Rose?

GamesRouter: Under the terms of our contract, we should receive updates at the same time as they are release on the korean servers.

RoseGuru.com: Will there be any significant differences between Erose and any other version?

GamesRouter: No, other than the use of N-protect

RoseGuru.com: Do you plan to run any GM led events and can you give any details?

GamesRouter: We have no immediate plan to run GM led events, however if you have a suggestion for one, please feel free to email it in.

RoseGuru.com: Will there ever be any form of 'Player GMs' or will GMs strictly be GamesRouter staff members?

GamesRouter: The GM team will be entirely made up of GamesRouter staff, and will also have two of the Korean developers working with us in the GamesRouter offices to help run and maintain the game.

RoseGuru.com: Your average Irose Citizen is not unfamiliar with the term "Server Exceeded" and the frustration brought on by the inability to connect to overcrowded servers. How many servers are you planning to host and will the maximum capacity always stay ahead of the demand?

GamesRouter: We will attempt to keep up with demand adding new servers as needed, we begin with double the capacity of the international server and will expand that shortly afterwards

RoseGuru.com: Do plan to use any anti cheating system such as NProtect?

GamesRouter: Yes, we shall be making use of the N-Protect anti-cheat system with our version of the Rose client to ensure that the European servers are as cheat and hack free as possible

RoseGuru.com: What other measures do you have planned to control cheating in the game?

GamesRouter: In game monitoring, log checks, dedicated hardware…

RoseGuru.com: When will the status of www.roseeurope.com be upgraded from 'temporary'? Can you tell us of any planned updates for that site? When will people be able to register an account on GamesRouter.com?

GamesRouter: The site and registration systems will be updated and brought online during the early beta stages of deployment.

RoseGuru.com: How many characters per account will be allowed?

GamesRouter: Probably the same as IRose (3 characters)

RoseGuru.com: Is there any other news of info that you can give us will be of interest to the players?

GamesRouter: Yes, this August we will again be hosting a live event, named Lag-FFS (formerly Mirstock) for all guilds, clans and players of Mmorpg’s in Europe to come and meet us and other gamers. There will be live music, activities, lots of sun and great opportunities to chat with fellow gaming enthusiasts.
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