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ROSE Online

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[25 Jul 2006|04:27am]
I'm not strong at religion but I know what we must "Prey" to! Did anybody play this game? I know that nobody. There will be armageddon in the supermarkets... http://game-era.com/preview/id/10
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Hello! [19 Jan 2006|05:07pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi, my names BlackPaper and I've been playing rose for 3 days now I'm at level 21. Anyone wanna party and help me level up??

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I'll miss the Moldies... [01 Sep 2005|02:23pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

I am rather upset with Gravity and Triggersoft at the moment. After denying all the rumors the Rose would be closing, the GM's shut it down. It was very unprofessional of them, and they should have had the decency to warn us in advance. I had to spend the last month of Rose surrounded by blatant hacking and pking. I wouldn't have bothered if they had told us the truth. Now suscribers to fileplanet have a chance to be invited to the new rose beta, although fileplanet has no information about this on their site. I can't waste money on a chance, nor would I want to participate in Rose after being treated in such an unprofessional manner.

I've tried to download Gate to Heavens, but my computer spazzes everytime I try to do so, and I have been unable to transfer it from a disk. I'm going to try to download Knights Online and see if that works. I am at odds at what game to play now. Any suggestions?

PS. Sorry for the rant. I was just really angry.

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[02 Aug 2005|10:07pm]

Uhm..this probably being a dumb/noob question, i'm just wondering the condition of rose now. how is it? i haven't been on for a few weeks and i'm wondering if it's still hacker/duper central? whoever's still playing, just give me some feedback. if it's positive stuff, the seiji may just come back into play. also with a fellow clan member that i wouldn't play rose without too =)
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[30 Jun 2005|12:16pm]

Heya guys. I've been outta the loop on ROSE recently. I wanted to know what's been shakin? I haven't checked on any news and I was lookin at some past posts on hre and there was a reset? Or was that the one I was part of? Yeah so either way I'm lost and wanted to see what's up?
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[30 Jun 2005|01:58am]

IRose is gone, folks. ): There's your reset. But but but, ERose is still a go and IRose player will more than likely easily play.

Here's the article from RoseGuru just incase you're lazy or don't have an account.

ERose is nigh..Collapse )
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Introduction and Questions [24 Jun 2005|05:20pm]


I only started playing Rose Online a couple of weeks ago, when I heard someone talking about it and decided to look it up.

I had a level 22 Hawker, Andamo, but I deleted him because I don't think I allocated his points correctly. I created another "Andamo," but I haven't done anything with him yet (I just wanted to save the name.).

Right now, I'm at level 30 with my (Mage to be) Muse, Lycoris.

11 - Reasonable Compromise - Lisa in Junon Polis - Muse Level 30 or above
I just completed the quest Reasonable Compromise, where you convince Ikaness Shroon to move from the center of Anima Lake by convincing Junon Francis to build them another shrine to move to. Francis has offered me three choices, a rod, a wand, and a earring and necklace.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Does anyone have the level requirements for the rod and the stats for the earring and necklace? I'm debating between the rod or earring and necklace.

Also, I don't know if it's true or not, but I've heard that they've fixed the Resurrection quest. I have the potion, but I heard that you have to fight a boss or something when you sprinkle the potion on the ground. Would I be able to beat it at level 30, or should I wait until I'm at a higher level? I don't want to try and fight it and die, because I don't know if I could fight it again later.


EDIT! Oh, and I've heard people, while they're arguing using [Shout] talk about beating the other up in PvP. How do you do PvP?
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[23 Jun 2005|02:57pm]
I just got my Hawker. She's on level 14. I love her. Her name is piterpat. Anyway, if you need a friend.. look me up. I sure do. Peeeace.
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Help please. T_T [23 Jun 2005|01:41pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Okay, this is driving me insane, so I figured I'd ask here. D:

I'm at the part of the Episode Quest where you steal the book from Bellia for Haren. And, for some reason, it just won't let me steal that damn book from him! How do I do it? A friend of mine suggested it was a bug, and I know people were saying that the Ressurection quest was bugged, but I don't know? It's driving me absolutely insane that I can't figure out how to get that stupid book. XD;; Could anyone help?

Oh, and if anyone's ever up for some partying, I'm a level 35 dual sword hawker named Aislin; I usually frequent Channel 2. ^_^ Or if you're recruiting for a clan... or even want to start a clan... lemme know. XD;;


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Maybe another Dealer can help me. [15 Jun 2005|01:40pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]


Alright. You see number 9? Yeah, I haven't done that quest because I had no idea this person even existed in Zant. At level 27, I'd really like to find whoever this Yuresis person is, or even if he/she is in Zant. I have talked to every NPC in Zant and they can't give me this quest.

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regarding some people in ROSE... [16 Jun 2005|01:17am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Okay, this may sound like a bitchrant or whatsoever O_< I'm just seeking the opinions of iROSEON players, especially those of Muse classes, on how they'd deal with people that is. To make ROSE a better gaming environment for all :)

Muses, ever met those people who'd ks you nonstop? Like when you're level 33 or 34, busy fighting a Grunter/Smouly in Forest of Wisdom or maybe something simpler - Captain Moldie at the field map outside Junon (i forgot the name). Then this bunch of retards come up to you, KS you nonstop (by following you everywhere) taking away most of your exp you so preciously need to level up, keep going "HAEL PLZ BUFF PLZ" (either in public or whisper) when you're having no MP to even heal yourself and that they refuse to add you into party to give you your proper share of EXP or whatsoever. And when you simply ignore them they come with all the trash and vulgarities that no one wants to mention. I do think it's bad enough that we have to spend zuly on not only HP items but also MP items, but now this? O_o

Is it just me, or is ROSEON beginning to be filled with retards? Or maybe Channel3 isn't such a wonderful place after all O_< what do you'all think about it?

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Some pretty newbie-ish questions [15 Jun 2005|09:05pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hello everyone. I'm pretty new to ROSE and was wondering if this was a good place to ask some basic noob questions. I haven't dared to talk much in game and am muddling through a lot of things.

1. Why is Vital Jam +1/+2/+5 so expensive? What does it do? (I did a pretty noob thing early on and sold all my jam for almost npc prices and then later I found that people were offering thousands for it *sobs*)
2. Why is it that sometimes, a monster will have red rings around them?
3. Is there a good place to check to find out all the quests that one can do?

Well, these are questions that have been burning in my mind for a while. I'm sure there are others but I won't trouble you guys with them now. I'm playing a gun dealer named Elwyn at the moment. I'm not on very often though since I don't have that much time. Hope to see you all in game.

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[14 Jun 2005|11:40am]

I was wondering if there would be another character wipe that anyone knows about. I am actually looking forward to it because I had to learn knuckle mastery again (when I had lvled it up to lvl 9) plus with all these other screw ups they've had. Anyone know?
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regarding EP quest. [14 Jun 2005|01:23pm]

i know it's pretty much fixed and explained in ROSEguru, but what the hell are we supposed to do when we get the medicine? A friend and I have been running up and down all the stairs (including the one at the back around the tower) and all we've gotten is nothing.

Can anyone who've done this provide some help, please?
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[13 Jun 2005|01:08am]

Umm...I have a few questions. Pictures and Questions in the Cut.

Read more...Collapse )

Just wanted to know.
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To the Dealers here... [11 Jun 2005|03:14pm]

[ mood | warm ]

Personally, when did you take on the Woopie King part of the Episode Quest? I know everybody distributes their stats differently, but I'd like a general outline. Because right now it only takes about two hits to kill me. So, I suspect a higher level and maybe the help of a higher level Muse to cast defensive spells? Because... it seems impossible for such a low leveled quest.

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[09 Jun 2005|09:41pm]

Hola. I'm pretty new to this game and this community. I started yesterday actually. It's a great game. Tho I do have a question. How do you get those skills? I'm a Hawker and my name is Musagen, and I want the combat and the dual katar stuff but I don't know how to actually choose it. Please help me.
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[01 Jun 2005|03:24pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Is there a place I can find general quest guides, not job specific guides? I checked ROSE Guru and couldn't find any. Or, at least, tell me what I have to do in that Mushroom quest. =)

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[25 May 2005|12:13am]

Just figured I'd say hi =p Running around on Server 2 mostly as Meylana. I just started, the game is really cute and reminds me of Ragnarok personally. I know I won't really get big into this game, but I'm having fun. Here's my little novice-wanna-be-cleric.

A couple more pictures.Collapse )

But yah, I like her, now that I look at her eyes, she seems drunk @_@ But I just got those 'cause they looked peaceful like a cleric. =p But whee.
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[16 May 2005|10:52pm]

[ mood | Okay ]

So everyone, just a quick question for those who have gone on rose after the reset: How is it so far? What are the changes? What are your opinions?

I'm too lazy (and not really eager) to go on myself.

Althrough I read they changed Zuly to Zulie (ewww).

Just comment and leave feedback, it would be really nice.

- Coco-Chan.

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